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We are local SEO & SEM specialists. Our processes and methods have stood the tests of time for over a decade now. We have been here through all of the changes, algorithm updates, and continue to stay on top of all of it.

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Research & Audit

Whether you’re a brand new business or you’re established, we need to put together an actionable local SEO plan that meets your goals and budget.

For Existing Businesses: we run an initial SEO Report that provides us with a lot of information about your current online presence such as:

  • Search Rankings – how you’re currently ranking for basic search terms.
  • Consistent NAP – how consistent your business information is across the web.
  • Online Reputation – we can identify which sites customers/clients have left reviews of your business and how well you’re doing. Often times, we find reviews business owners never knew they had.
  • On-page Optimization and User Experience – we look at many different on page SEO factors as well as choke points in the website flow that could be deterring users from converting into paying clients.
  • Analytics Auditing – if you have utilities like Google Analytics and Google Search Console, we will analyze this data as well.
  • Competitor Analysis – we look at your top competitors: their websites, unique features they provide their users, their backlink profiles, what business directories they’re on,  and their social media pages.
  • Keyword Research – we identify keywords your competition are ranking for but we also look for new keyword opportunities they aren’t taking advantage of. We look at keyword difficulty because some keywords are best approached on a long-term basis, while others can bring results more quickly.
  • Backlink Audit – at times, past SEO efforts by you or a previous SEO company could be hindering your ability to have success in the search engines. We review your link profile for how many links you have, where those links are coming from, the variation of the anchor text of those links, and other factors.

on-page optimization

From our experience, this is one of the most crucial parts of the SEO process. You can spend all the money you have driving traffic to your website and getting it to rank but if your website doesn’t convert well you will eventually begin dropping in the search engines. Many business owners miss a few of these optimizations:


  • Title Tags – this is the boldest and most noticeable element on the search results page. Title tags are the second most important on-page SEO element aside from the content itself. It tells the user what the page is about and is a big click through rate(CTR) factor. It tells the search engines what the page about and it should be as relevant and accurate as possible. Great title tags make the difference but they’re limited in space.
  • Meta Description – another big CTR factor is the meta description where we get around 160 character to go a little more in-depth about what the page is about. We strategize how to write enticing meta descriptions that are SEO friendly but more importantly – will make people want to visit your website.
  • Alt Tag – these tags are attached to images to tell search engines and visually impaired users what the image is. It important to be accurate what the graphics and photos on your website are portraying, however we can find creative way that also make sense to use your keywords in the tags.
  • Schema Markup – each business or website type can have its own unique schema markup or structured data that search engines recognize. It helps to provide the search engines with actual data about what certain words or topics are about. At times, search engines will display this schema markup to the user which can be beneficial for increased CTR.
  • Site Speed – how fast your site loads plays a large factor in search engine ranking but more importantly in the user experience. Search engines like Google want you to create and great user experience and they reward your website or business when you do this properly with higher search engine ranking. We perform tasks such as compressing images, clean up of your database, clean up the code prioritizing which elements to load, caching, and other items to make your website load faster.
  • Location Pages – for some businesses, it makes sense to create individual location pages for businesses that have multiple locations. It can also be beneficial to create city pages that are geographically relevant to various cities that you service.
  • Content & UX Improvement  – this step of our local SEO process can be simple or very in depth depending on how your current site structure is set up. Sometimes it makes sense to consolidate content so that there are fewer pages but more content on those pages by putting relevant on the same page. We can add links, buttons, search functionality, and other elements to make it easy for the user to find what they’re looking for. There are some sites where we add HTML elements such as toggle/accordion buttons. The content is hidden until the user clicks the button and chooses they want to read the title of that button. Using these types of UX elements are a great way to improve the mobile experience because the content is still there and available for the search engines to see but it doesn’t overwhelm the user with a lot of text. We go through each page of your website and analyze how we can improve the content and experience.
  • Conversion Elements & Tracking – a conversion is sometimes called a lead. A conversion can be anything you want it to be but it should coincide with very defined goals you have for your website. A conversion can be signing up for your newsletter, filling out a form, scheduling online, or calling from your website. A great website should make it easy to either request more information from you or to get in touch with you through a method of their choosing if they’re ready to buy now. In order to track our local SEO efforts, we need to know whether or not users are completing these goals. We set up conversion tracking through Google Analytics to track this as well as find ways to continually improve the user experience or create content for your website.

off-site seo

This purpose of off-site SEO is to increase your website’s authority and build trust with Google. Off-site SEO allows us to get your brand out there by distributing out your videos, graphics, and working to build backlinks to your website to make you an authoritative brand in your community. We do this by: 


  • Citation Listings: we set up an email address for you and put your business information on directory sites where potential clients are looking for your services. For US. based companies we have between 150-200 directory sites for most business types. We go through our list one by one and check if you have an existing listing. If you do not we fill out as many fields the citation site provides that are applicable to your business. If your listing does exist we try to claim it and update it if necessary. We do this over several days and provide you with the login information to access these citation sites. For some, we will need to do a phone verification and we will coordinate or provide instructions on how you can complete that. We regularly audit these sites to ensure that your information has remain unchanged and update sites that accept media like images and videos periodically.
  • Content Marketing: we can provide a wide ranges of services for content marketing. Our content writing team can provide you with monthly articles to post on your website’s blog, and distribute your content out to websites to get your content more attention. We provide video editing services and clients are welcome to provide raw content such as unedited images or video.
  • Link Building: we provide backlink building where we link to your website on websites that search engines already trust. This link building process continually increases your website’s reputation with Google and other search engines.

Analytics & Tracking

Throughout the SEO process we look at a number of metrics to help determine what we need to do next to drive traffic to your website. We track how many leads you are getting and provide you a lot of information in our SEO Dashboard. Each client receives a link to their dashboard which has the following information:

  • Link & Web Authority Info
  • Ranking Reports you can compare previous dates
  • Reputation Management to help you keep track of your reviews from all review sites
  • Google My Business Insights
  • Google Analytics lead tracking so you know how many leads are coming from your click to call buttons and form submissions. We can also help you track newsletter signups or any other metric as well. 
  • For our E-commerce clients, we can help your track dollar amounts of sales from people finding you organically through our SEO efforts.

Just A Few Examples

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Local SEO Dashboard
Local SEO Dashboard
Local SEO Dashboard
Local SEO Dashboard