• Google Ads management


Managing your Google Ads can be a time-consuming process where that time would be better spent on other important aspects of your business. Let us save you time and money getting the results you want and need.

We Do The Heavy Lifting


Keyword research is a very important step when it comes to setting up a success Adwords campaign. We use a variety of free and paid tools to find highly competitive and low competitive keywords that we can take advantage of. If by chance you have Google Search Console or Google Analytics set up on your website already, we prefer to look at past data as well. During the keyword research phase, we can learn a lot and help you to determine a budget that will fit your goals and needs.

Following the keyword research phase, we can research your competition. We do this through different methods from doing physical searches of keywords we have found, but we also have some amazing tools in our arsenal that give us data about your competitors. Some of these data includes past ads they’ve used, their average cost per click, estimated amount of clicks they’ve received, and other data that is helpful to give you the competitive edge you need.

During the Adwords ad creation phase, we brainstorm with you on ad copy and potential offers or call to actions that you want to use. Creating only one ad is not enough to do well with PPC advertising. We recommend 2 or more ads be created so that we can do some proper ad testing. Google Adwords allows us to activate many extensions such as the call extension, call out extension, and sitelink extensions. We set up all of the extensions that are applicable and needed for your to have a successful Adwords campaign.

Throughout your Adwords Management service, we’re using a variety of methods to adjust your bidding, create new ads, and tracking the results from these ads. We adjust the bids themselves, the schedule, and what ads to display. Each service business type we work with has a desired cost per lead they wish to achieve. We do our very best to hit that goal or even save you money to extend your budget out further. We provide easy to read reports to show you how your ad spend was used and how many leads that ad spend brought you.

Common Questions We Get About


No – there isn’t a contract that you need to sign. We do ask for a short 3 month commitment that turns into a month-to-month agreement. However, we will disconnect any software that we use to monitor, track, and help manage your Google Ads for non-payment or cancellation of service. Termination of our PPC management service could increase what you’re spending on Google Ads if not properly monitored. We suggest that you pause your campaigns should you make this decision as we’re not responsible for charges from Google that you incur if our service is terminated.

We prefer to be very transparent about how we charge. Each client has their own unique needs when it comes running a successful Google Ads campaign(s). Each client gets charged a flat monthly fee for our Google Ads management service. During your initial consultation we will work with you to find a comfortable budget for your overall Google Ad’s spending. We require access to your Google Ads account and if you are unsure how to do that. We have a walk-thru video we will provide you.

The short answer is no. The long answer is – of course we prefer to use websites we have developed and designed because a lot of the tracking and user experience elements we know that convert visitors into leads are built in. However, that doesn’t mean that we have to use only websites we have created. We have done some minor tweaks to our clients’ websites that weren’t designed by us to ensure they perform well for your Google Ads campaigns. User experience and how well the website will convert and perform with Google Ads is a large factor we consider.

We’re a full web development company. Whether we have designed your website or not we can provide you with landing pages. Please note that this is in addition to our Google Ads management fee and is a separate charge. However, because we only ask for a 3 month commitment before going month-to-month. We do have payment options where we can spread out these costs over those first 3 months for easier budgeting.

In many instances it makes sense to create a separate landing page for one or multiple keywords to increase the long-term performance of your Google Ads. We can discuss this during your initial consultation.